Starting up the program

Im just starting out with Rhino, just wondering when starting out on a new project should i be using a standard template or just create new model?
thank you

Hi there!

it depends about what you are modelling (e.g. something large vs small). You can edit your grid under view -> grid options, and change the parameters of the grid if necessary.

thank you so much!

Templates set the modeling units, tolerance, and potentially long list of setting that are critical for accurate modeling, annotations (text and dimensions), and others.
It is not a trivial choice.
If I’m going to model and desktop toy, the hull of a container ship, or a small building, I will need settings that a very different.

i think im missing a tool bar on-top where it should say standard, display, drafting…
where can i find it?

Try running the ToolbarReset command and restart Rhino.
Any luck?

no luck, im not sure exactly what im doing. is there a way i can attach a print screen with this chat ?

figured it out thanx!