Start up Crashed on Mac Book Pro. Crashed after Rhino update

Hello, did you fill out the error report and send it in with the file attached as per the instructions in the crash dialog? That will help diagnose the problem. Is this a repeatable crash with a specific file or does it happen with all files?

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I searched for “TOSHIBA 1TB HARD DRIVE” in our crash database, but no report was found.

Please do make sure you submit your crash report.

edit: that said, I looked up with your e-mail address and did find crash reports. The crashes happen inside the Intel OpenGL driver.

What version of Rhino were you using before?

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I have already send a report and I did followed instructions on how to do it. But this repeatedly poping up every time I open Rhino or start it up, This problem started when I try to install an update and I couldn’t get my Rhino to run again since then.

this is the version I have been using since I started.

Is there anyway I can fix this quickly I’m currently working on my final project of the year and now I’m stuck because of this issue.

You mentioned Rhino update, so I was trying to figure out which of the Rhino 7 sevice releases you were on prior to updating 7.11. If after the Rhino update 7.11 started crashing but Rhino 7 used to work fine then logic tells me that before the 7.11 version you were on a different service release. Any from 7.0 through to 7.10.

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Hi -

As Nathan wrote, the crash happens inside the Intel OpenGL driver. On macOS, GPU driver bug are fixed in updates of the OS. I see that you are running Catalina. You could try updating to Big Sur and see if that helps. Make sure to set a backup point on the time machine so that you can go back if necessary.

Apart from that, does Rhino crash as soon as you open it with a factory-default template or does that only happen after you do something? If it doesn’t crash right away, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

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Ok thx for that ill try updating to Big Sur, but yes as soon as I open a template the it says Rhino exit unexpectedly and it will show the crash report window.

Hi @user472,

Did this start happening after you updated macOS Catalina to 10.15.7? Do you have an Intel HD 4000 GPU?