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Compute is an experimental project which allows access to the Rhino’s geometry library through a stateless REST API via the McNeel cloud. Compute is based on the Rhino Inside™ technology to embed Rhino geometry calculation inside an online web service.

Visit to see what is possible.

Samples using rhino3dm.js with compute:


Ok, maybe I should add a few details…

It’s a Geometry Server is a web server (or group of web servers) that provide an API for perfoming geometry calculations. The server is running Rhino in a non-user interface mode and makes a portion of the RhinoCommon .NET SDK available in a well defined pattern that matches the functions available in RhinoCommon.

It’s a client library

A big part of making useful is providing tools that can be used to call the server. Since the geometry server is using standard HTTP calls to communicate, any programming language could be used to work with the server.

The initial effort though is on a C# SDK which is available as a single C# source code file downloadable from the server. A developer should be able to do the following to get their application set up to use Compute by following the Compute Getting Started Guide.

  1. Reference Rhino 6 nuget package for Rhino3dmIO (for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android)

  2. Reference JSON.Net nuget package

  3. Include the RhinoCompute.cs source file downloaded from in their project

  4. Set their API key by setting the Rhino.Compute.ComputeServer.AuthToken property. You can get an API key by visiting

  5. Add using Rhino.Compute; at the top of a source file

  6. Done… Now all of the functions are availale as static functions in the Rhino.Compute namespace and as extension methods on existing Rhino3dmIO classes. It should just feel like you are using all of the classes that you are used to using in Rhino3dmIO with the addition of functionality that was only available in the past by working inside of Rhino and RhinoCommon.

We do plan to make other client libraries available in the future if people find that they need access from languages like python, javascript, go, VB.NET, C++…

It’s a Work in Progress

This is very much the wild west early days of Please give it a try and help us figure out where it should go.


@compute_rhino3d just pinging you to let you know about this private category you’ve been invited to. If this doesn’t interest you, please let me know. If it does interest you, please let me know.


i’m game. :beers: for the invite! would drop everything and make the compute server crash right now!!! I’ll try and make time for implementations, in between speckle, thesis and life…

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Excellent! Thank you for the invite!

Thanks for the invite, @stevebaer. I am going to give it a try.

Hey, thanks for the invite! Definitely interested. Will try to make some time for this.

Glad to be here! We have some things that we’ll be testing with this for sure!

Hi Steve - Just heard about this and very interested in the possibilities. Would love to try it out.

Trying to implement the Split method from a BrepFace. I could normally use the method on a BrepFace to split using a list of curves. How would I implement this from Compute.Rhino3d as I can’t call the API as a method from the face?

and perhaps also an example of using this

Hi @Ben,

You probably won’t see this method working until we are farther along with Rhino 7. You can track this item here:

– Dale

hi @stevebaer, could you fix this link?

Which one do we need?

NewstonSoft.Json version

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You mean the one with almost a quarter billion downloads as opposed to the others with less than fifty thousand? :wink:

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