Stanrge behavior with annotation, block and PDF vector export

Hi there,

Here are the steps to reproduce a print bug

Create a VA project
Create two levels
On the fisrt floor create an annotation
Block it
Copy the block with the annotation in it on the second floor
Create a top view layout
Show and cut only the second level on the detail view (with VA level manager)
Try to print

In raster mode it seems to work as it should.
In vector mode the text of the annotation disapear and objects behind the level are showed.
Dispaly mode set to wireframe

Raster output : OK

Vector output : No text and arrow of the level behind

BUG print.3dm (2.6 MB)

Please test if the problem persist if usinf PDFCreator, Bluebeam PDF and more.

It’s the same with other PDF exporter (Adobe PDF, Microsoft to PDF)

@flavien.bessiere try to change the display mode inside each detail view to “Hidden”. Printing to vector output should work well.

Hmm, it seems that the bug was not well reproduced…

Here is an extract of the model on witch the bug appears even in hidden mode.

display bug.3dm (18.9 MB)

Hidden mode activated, one detail view on the layout, occurs on upper level with elevation cut plane activated and other floors hidden.
Cotations are in the same block, of the same style, on the same plane. Some are hidden and other not in vector mode. But there are all shown in the viewport and in raster mode when printing. Can’t find why…

Print in raster :

Print in vector with missing cotation :

Hi @flavien.bessiere I could reproduce the problem. If you explode the block with the dimensions, they should print out correctly though. I’ll report it to the development team and get back to you when they fix it.

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Ok nice, thanks :slight_smile:

Yes that’s what we’ve done but it’s not a viable solution at longterm in our workflow.