Standalone Rhino 3D VR presentation

Hi All,
We have been using Enscape for Rhino to generate standalone Fly-through presentations for clients. This works really well, and the output can even be viewed through VR goggles such as Oculus Rift etc.

The "Stand Alone " presentation output from Enscape is a Windows .exe file, which, of course, will not play on a Mac laptop, and cant be viewed through VR goggles.

Is there a way of exporting a Rhino 3D model that can be in a single secure “container” that can be viewed with a Mac laptop, preferably in VR ?


Checkout Twinmotion (unreal)

Hi Japhy,
I have played with Twinmotion a bit and have had pretty good results, but it is a bit cumbersome.
The reason we went with Enscape is that it integrates really easily with Rhino and the realtime rendering is great.
I will have another look at Twinmotion,
I just put one of my Rhino projects through Twinmotion and it looks pretty good, it has certainly improved in 12 months.