Stand-alone renderings open weirdly

If I open the stand-alone render window, and open a saved file that’s in rhino image format (.rimage), there are viewing issues. The image doesn’t come up filling the whole window and it’s off to one side. And there are no scroll bars.

To reproduce this:
Render a scene at a resolution that’s higher than default.
Save the rendering in .rimage format.
Close rhino & open a blank workspace.
Run render at default resolution and stop the render. (side question: is there a way to open the render window without running render?)
In the render window, go to Open and open your first rendering.

First thing I notice is that the image area remains black (image doesn’t show up at all) until I click on any checkbox in the effects panel. Once the image shows up, it shows up larger than the window and without scroll bars.

Thanks, I see this.
RH-61873 RenderOpenRenderImage: Window frame opens incorrectly