Stairway - pitch rail - radius rail - some other name

Whatever different people call it—the handrail that goes up a radius stairway above the Balustrade. I draw 3D stairways just about every day except when i am using Rhinocam to run parts. I have as one of my current projects a stairway that has many different twists and turns—in which I need to fit a wood handrail over a metal balustrade. I can’t seem to come up with the correct method. I have another software called Staircon which will produce a beautifully smooth Handrail—I just can’t seem to get the same thing in Rhino. Now I could go with the Staircon handrail for this project; however, I have another project which requires raised Panels going up the wall in the stairway. So, I really need to figure out how to do this within Rhino. I’ve been using Rhino since way back in v4— I could use some suggestions—hopefully from someone who has actually done this…Joe

some example?