Stagger piece as a precedent

I’m using this “stagger” art piece as a precedent for a project I’m working on. Can anyone help me figure out what the script could possible be? I know it probably includes a grid with 6 sides and some sort of extruded cone, but I’m not sure after that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Extrude to point, with the point being the centre of the cells, translated by the normal to the surface would do the trick?
Extruded Hexagonal (8.0 KB) (11.4 KB)


I seem to have issues getting yours to work. Did you use any other plug-ins? Could you send me your Rhino file as well?

Apologies - Hexagonal Cells is from the Lunchbox plugin (forgot that it wasn’t a native component). Lunchbox has some really handy tools, but David has you covered for the flat surface above - I was misreading the reference image.

My method won’t work on a curved base surface, that’ll require some additional components. Just wanted to show the basic approach.

The base isn’t a curve surface, I believe the hexagon cones sit on a flat surface. Also, I don’t think the cones are rotated in a circular pattern, but vary by height and are rotated in a diagonal direction. Is there any chance you could look it over again? Thanks!