Stack several brep/surfaces like drape


I have a set of brep or surfaces (both are available) extracted from contour lines, that are stacked on top of each other. They represent layers of printed area in my project, the unfilled areas are air, so currently there are patches that are hanging in the air. I am trying to make them printable, so basically stack them onto each other as if they were fabric under gravity. The problem is that some surfaces need to be deformed based on what’s underneath, like the top ones. I’ve read about cloth simulation from Kangaroo but that seems a bit overkill for this, I’m sure there’s another simple way to alter the shape of breps based on what’s underneath?

i’m looking for advice for a solution where it would work even for 20 layers (it can vary from object to object), so cascading components like sporph doesn’t really seem like an option for me…

Thanks a lot for any tip! (107.8 KB)