Stack Objects in Sizes

Hi Guys,

I have a set of roof panels where water will fall off, almost like a fountain. Each panel has one column and they move down (-z axis) at different rates which is determined by the area of canopy. The bigger the area (of the canopy) the slower the columns will move down. Therefore I need to stack the roof panels in order of big to small like this sketch.

After this, I need to angle all the roof panel so the water falls off. I need to:

  1. Angle them all in one direction (I understand some panels might trap water like the sketch lowest panel)

and test (if possible)

  1. Angle to the lowest points (this can be within the building and the edge of the building ) for example the lowest panel in the sketch will get all the water from the panels above and the panel on the right will angle itself to the other direction to the edge? Creating a nice waterfall inside the building (821.6 KB)

Thank you!

IMHO, your premise seems to be logically problematic because your voronoi surfaces cannot be overlaid consecutively in order of area.

Hi Hs, is their a way to order them in the direction of a point perhaps ? so for example it will have the lowest panel closes to this point?

Well, you could use a point or a boundary curve as an attractor, then lower each panel as a function of distance from the attractor.

This topic might be of some help for you.

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Do you want that water go to the same direction? do you mean rotate all shapes to that direction?

Hi Seghier,

Water go to the same direction* sorry

My design thesis looks at forest densities and the columns are based on this information and get more dense in areas where privacy is required. I am wondering if there is another way to generate the roof panels which can also let water flow down. The problem i am having (as you may know from the previous post) the thickness of each columns determines the decay rate (move speed -z axis). Therefore panels which are smaller need to below the bigger ones, otherwise they wont move down… not sure if you have any suggestions?

Thank you again!

Try to draw your idea and make it with Rhino ; i always create the idea before using Grasshopper
and people will understand you better

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