SRFSPLIT GH component no longer working ON latest WIP


After installing latest Work In Progress (6.0.17255.11421, 09/12/2017) the Gh components “surface split” is not longer working correctly

I have not error messages to report but what i notice is that same file , same surfaces , same crvs pulled on the surfaces were working just fine until yesterday . now the surfaces are not longer splitted correctly ( just some of them are ) while the others do not split at all

I am sure that the is due to latest WIP installation since same stuff baked and saved 24 hours ago without any problem is now affected by the splitting bug.

URGENT REQUEST : is there a quick way to downgrade to previos WIP release ?

this would allow me to : 1 launch production of the project I am working on , this is vital in order to respect my schedule and agreement toward my customer , I am now stucked due to this bug 2 to probably confirm the bug

thanks in advance , cheers


Weird thing to report :

I realized only now that the srfsplit component is still available in GH when i double cllick and type it but it is not longer available under the “intersect” menu

No, but I can get you a C# component that worked the old way: (6.2 KB)

Split was indeed changed to fix another bug, so I’d like to see the cases where it now fails. Can you upload the surfaces and curves required to duplicate this?

It’s in the Physical panel. You can press Ctrl+Alt and click on a component to see where it is located.

HI David and thanks for your prompt answer and for the c# alternative , this has allowed me to continue my job

attached please find some of the set that are affected by the problem

Lokking forward to a fix for the problem

regards (239.5 KB)

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Yup, I can repeat the Split failure on the topmost of the four surfaces. Is that the only one failing on your machine as well?

@filippo_rossi can you check to see if the attached GHA files fixes the issue? It’s a debug build, so it may well be slower than what you’re used to. (229.4 KB)

  1. Locate SurfaceComponents.gha in your Grasshopper install folder and rename it to SurfaceComponents.old.
  2. Unzip the above archive and copy the file to the folder from (1).
  3. Make sure the new file is unblocked via the explorer file properties window.
  4. Start Rhino+Grasshopper and open the file that was not working.

Hi David and sorry for late feedback

I have tested the new component by following your instructions and the srfsplit component is now working just fine, BTW I dont notice any major slowing .

I was also using the component affected by the bug on other part of the same script and according to my understanding of the situations it looks like the problem was affecting ONLY double curvature surfaces .

thanks , regards


Yeah that makes sense. The (previous) new behaviour required that the splitting curve be within tolerance of the surface, which is harder to achieve with doubly curved geometry. The (new) new behaviour only switches to the more finicky algorithm when the old (technically incorrect) algorithm actually failed.

Thanks for the quick bug fixing and for the clear explanation David , Mission accomplished once again :wink: !