Srf control points selection problem

Hi there!

I am using Rhino 6 with windows 10.
In perspective view, I select a srf and I turn on control points (control points, not solid points).
Now I have the uv net of controlpoints.
For some reasons, to select the points is very difficult: the surface keeps to be selectable!
Never happened before. The surface itself is still an active object that I can select even with the control points on. It shouldn’t work like this, the uv net should usually override the srf.
Is there a new option that I don’t know yet?

I can overcome this problem if I set dispay mode to wireframe… but every then and now the wireframe starts act crazy. I try to select a cp (no any other isocrv or objects under my click) and rhino shows me the selection list, as if I was clicking upon a lot of objects. Very weird.
I had to restart Rhino few times because it also crashed. (I sent a Rhino alert last time)

Anyone has the same issue?

Have a nice day everyone


DocumentProperties > Mouse > Selecting

Un-check the line “Allow selecting objects with points on”.


Thank you! You saved my day!