Sr6 bug? - arcs etc shown as broken when project turned on

When I draw arcs, circles etc with “project” on, the curves are drawn as if they have a line type similar to border.
This does not happen with lines, rectangles etc.

It is extremely annoying, since I cant see accurately where they are going, unless they are highlighted, in which case they display as a continuous line.

I haven’t seen this before, maybe it is a “feature” - in which case how do I disable it?


Hi Rabbit,

Might it be there is a (ground)plane obscuring the created curves?
Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? I have a hard time to envision what you see.


No, there is no ground plane - I see the curves they are just all drawn as if they had a border or similar line type, and irrespective of the view display, eg wireframe, shaded etc.
Yes you are right I should have taken a screen shot; what I did that fixed it was select them all, then, in the perspective viewport move them all some distance in the z direction of the view I was working in (front), and then re-select them and move them back to the original position, and from then on they have all displayed correctly, and new curves i create also are now fine.

If it happens again, I will save the model and post a screenshot here.


ok, its happened again - heres a screenshot…

Can you post a file with just the circles that exhibits this behavior?


Hi rabbit,

If your objects are located on a layer with continous linetype, are you probably overriding the linetype in the object properties ? You can check this in the properties tab under Linetype.

Alternatively, please post an example file.


Thanks - I’m not overriding the line type.

I will post something when it happens again.