SR10 released or not?

When I go to this URL it tells me that SR9 of 9-JUN-2014 is the most recent

Then, when I go here

it tells me that the latest service release is of 7-NOV-2014 and lets me download rh50Release_x64_en-us_5.10.41107.12445.msi.

So, does this mean that SR10 has been released or not? If so, why can’t I get it from the URL above?

Thanks guys :smile:

I think the …5.0/sr/rc means it’s still considered as release candidate, and SR10 is not “official” yet.

Ok you’re right of course (I copied the wrong URL), but shows the same date.

I don’t know where you’re getting that URL from…

On the download page, both the eval and full versions point to Release 2014-11-7… ??


That URL I get when I click “Check now” in Rhino in the Updates dialog.
It means that I am currently on SR9.

Anyone from McNeel can confirm the release of SR10?

Not McNeel but, if you go to the download page on, you will find that the current version is 5.10.41201 released yesterday and as such SR10 final (not SR RC). Note that this version will have been available for some days as a RC.

Right, I see that. All is good :smile: