SR10 No Render Basic Settings - Rendered Viewport Weird


This morning I updated to SR10.
There are no Render Basic Settings anymore?

Cant change transparancy like this…
Or I need to -_properties etc etc…

Also. Meshes/Surfaces start to look weird
See the “horizontal” lines within.

My SR10 Material tab does not look like this. It looks the same as always. Anybody else seeing this?

Well, I really dont have Basic Settings Anymore… How can I get it back ^^

It has only happened to the 32 bit version. 64 works. But I use a plugin that only works on 32 bit so i really need it back…

Hi. I went to the Rhino3D downloads page and went through the SR download option and SR9 is still the download option on the website?: Service Release 2014-6-9 | 234.5 MB
Did SR10 come through on the Auto Update tool?
Michael VS

I think @ updates you have set Service Release. I put on Service Release Candidate :wink:

Ok. Thats why it isn’t on the website yet. It isn’t a Full Service Release. It’s a Beta Version of SR10.
Hopefully the full SR10 version will come out soon and fix your menu problems. Michael VS

I’ve reinstalled Rhino 5.

  • Had the SR9 installed and the Default Render Settings were returned!
  • Updated to SR10. Now they are gone again…

Can anyone help me?

Change the update frequency from Service Release Candidate to Service Release and you shouldn’t get an SR10 update until it is finalized.
SR9 is the current (Stable) Service Release:
OR just disable updates and download the SRs manually.
Michael VS

Possible solution yes. But was hoping for something that would solve the problem, because it has to do something with the SR10 update. And it seems I’m like the only person here that has the problem.

I unchecked all plugins that don’t come with rhino but its still here…

We’ve just fixed this. The final SR10 build will have the fix.

Great to hear!

Thanks for the post