Sr10 bad anti aliasing in Layout detail

In the latest sr Version 7 SR10 (7.10.21256.17001, 2021-09-13)
My pdfs are messed up a bit now because the antialiasing is horrendous compared to last sr. I just tried with the same file to make the same pdf and I see massive stair stepping in the new pdf file compared to the last sr. Also complete change of lighting intensity I don’t know why.
See attached image…

Does this happen with both Rhino PDF and other PDF drivers?

Hi @stevebaer,
I’m using Rhino pdf and yes happens in both Rhino and Ms pdf.
Looks like the rendered display modes are not aa-ing in the layout like it was in last sr why was it working and now it stopped?

Are you using layouts for those prints? There is a lighting intensity bug that I am currently working on with regards to layouts where fixing one bug caused this bug to start.

Hi @stevebaer
Yes I’m using layouts for those prints.
Argh sorry to hear about the woes, glad you are catching it.
Really appreciate your help. I send out lots of pdfs to clients and Rhino has been incredible in this department.