SR10 and still bug not fixed?


today Rhino installed SR10.

There is a block error (Topic: ‘Insert block error’).
It was said it will be fixed in SR8.
Then it was too late to do so.
‘High priority’ for SR9 then.
No fix seen in SR9.
‘High priority’ for SR10…

SR10 is out, bug not fixed.
Is it now on high priority for SR11?

Seems it doesn’t make much sense to report bugs.


Pascal provided a link to our internal bugtracking system for this bug

You can see from the comments in this issue that it was investigated and that it looks to be not a very easy fix with the risk that we may break other things. The issue was moved to V6.

Yes, please report bugs and we will try to fix them the best ways we can. We are making our bugtracking system open so you can see what is happening with these reported issues.

Is SR 10 still beta / preview? I’m not seeing anything in the usual places.

SR10 is still a release candidate only, yes.

Aha! All the people who posted SR should have wrote RC. Thanks for clarifying.

One of my computers never seems to get the automatic update; I always have to do a manual download & install.