SR Registry Key

Is there a Registry Key my plug-in’s installer can check for the latest SR installed.

ie if not SR9 close installer and open download page.


The explanation on the following page suggests that you look for the date that is associated with the SR.

Found by :smile:

@dale @menno looks like this is for Rhino V4 only - no date key for RhinoV5.

Ah, too bad… I’m not at a Windows PC to check the registry at the moment.

If you look here:


You will find a value named Version with a value that looks some like 5.10.41021.23040. I’m running Rhino 5 SR10 RC. With a little string parsing, you can extract the second value, or “10” in my case.

Does this help?

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Thanks Dale,Menno,

I was looking in the Current User.