SR 6 C2 problem with language

Hi Brian
I downloaded and installed the English version of SR6 2C, but the language that appears is in Italian like the attached images.
There is no possibility to set the English language. I have always used only the English language and now many scripts do not work.
Ciao Vittorio

Interesting. What download method did you use: Manual download outside Rhino? If so how did you know what to download? Or did you just let your installed version of Rhino download automatically? And what is your configured Windows language and Windows version?

I think Brian would need to know these things and maybe more. On the other hand, maybe he already knows what’s causing it.

Hey Vittorio -
Brian has been trying to make it so that languages can be installed after the fact, and that caused some major problems after installing SR6 RC1… SR6 RC2 is supposed to fix this, but looks like there may still be some problems. If you go into Control panel>Programs, do you see any language packs installed (there should be one for English, I think…) If that’s in there and you still don’t get English, you have a problem…

You might try redownloading the English language pack and installing that to see if it helps, you can find it here.


Hi Mitch an Brian
Like you see the pack language English is installed.
What should I do?
Ciao Vittorio