Squishing a squishy ball

Hello everyone, I want to thank you for the help in advance!

I am trying to build a model of a small squishy ball (think, stress ball). I will have it rendered on a tabletop, with the bottom side compressed against the table. What I have been doing so far is turning on my control points and slowly bringing the points on the bottom in, so that it “compresses” the ball. However, I’m finding that my renderings look incredibly angular,and unless I use 999999999999+ control points, it’s impossible for this ball to look round.

What’s the key, here? How you would accomplish this?

This old Rubber Duck tutorial shows some techniques for deforming spheres like you described. It also covers render meshes that are probably the source of the rendering facet problem.


Hi Blaine,

Might it be you are working with a mesh object as opposed to a NurBS surface?


In general fewer, not more, control points results in smoother NURBS curves and surfaces.

How smooth are the surface isocurves? If the surface isocurves are smooth but the surface appears angular in a view mode other than wireframe the render mesh settings need to be adjusted so the mesh is more refined. Adding control points will also refine the mesh but adjusting the mesh settings is much better practice.