Squisher - Brep


I’m trying to use the squisher class to flatten doubly curved surfaces which are joined into a brep. The squisher works well for single surfaces. But, is there a work around for squishing a brep?

I have tried unroll, but the brep gets distorted too much. Squisher works better for my task. I want the flatted surfaces to be connected as it happens with an unroller. Hence, I have joined the surfaces into a brep.

Would appreciate some directions. Thanks in advance.


230505_Squisher.gh (52.0 KB)

I´m trying to use Squisher within C# component.
Seems my version does not support it (7.1). What version you have?

If anyelse can help, I´m able to use the Squish command within Rhino, so, should I be able to use within GH through C# component? tx

My version is 7.2.

And yes, you should be able to use the squisher using the c# component.