Squish in grasshopper

Hello everyone!
The traditional Squish in Rhino works with select curves, points (Dots). The site found a discussion with an excellent example for unfolding a double curvature surface. But I don’t know to code Python. How to add curves, dots and Dots when you expand with the Squish command in the grasshopper?

It will be easy if you post your geometry.

Please clarify. Do you have a double curvature surface and some curves and points on it which you want to unroll? If this is the case, then I suggest that you install Geometry Gym Bullant. There is a component called ggUnroll which allows you to do exactly this. Another option is to install Fabtools. It also has an Unroll component which does the same job. But of course, this will do only if I understand you correctly.

Thank you for the answer. But I’m more interested in the surfaces of double curvature. Under than on these surfaces are curves and point (Dots).Exemple_squish.3dm (111.9 KB)

Yes I am talking about doubly curved surfaces. You cut the surface into panels via geodesic lines, you triangulate the panels and you unroll them with this tool.

You can also add point and curves on the surface and unroll them along with the surface itself.

More or less like this:

Example.gh (11.7 KB)

But for better results you need to play with the number of segments you want to have in the boudnary curves.
Or you can split your surface to smaller surfaces and then unroll. The smaller the surfaces, the less curvature you will lose.