Squish command, no "decorate" option, localisation problem?


When i run the command Squish in English, i can select the “Decorate” option.

When i run the same command but in french (Déployer), i cannot select “Illustrer”. (and nothing shows up in the viewport)
Neither mouse nor command line can active it when langage is set to french (haven’t tested for other non-English ones).

I have tested both in a new document with only a surface to squish.

I’m running the latest Rhino (5.0.2), and it seems to be present also in RhinoWIP(5B103w).

Having visual hints of where the deformation occurs is something i find nice before going to full deformation calculation.

Is it a bug? Just a missing localisation?

I can’t upload screenshots right know, it throws me back a “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”…

Kind regards,


Yes, that’s a bug. I see this on my computer and can reproduce it. Thanks for reporting!

(Logged in MR-2259).