Squid: Text Curves can't display {


I found a little bug in the Text Curves component of Squid (and therefore also in the Shapediver version of Squid).

It can’t turn the character { into an outline, but instead creates “\par” instead. Probably an issue with not properly escaping the characters. The font doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Since Squid doesn’t have its own board here in the forum any longer I am posting in Shapediver. Actually I am using the Shapediver version of Squid anyways, but the bug is in both versions.

squid-text-curves-bug.gh (2.6 KB)

This bug is not attributable to Squid in particular, I can reproduce it with the SDK as well. The following snippet:

Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity txt = new Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity();
txt.PlainText = "{";
Curve [] Crvs = txt.CreateCurves(txt.DimensionStyle, false);

also produces the \par result.

Maybe @wim or someone from McNeel can help?

In the meantime, I found a workaround: it seems that it works if a character directly follows the bracket, for example:

That works if you use a space after the bracket as well, in which case you get exactly the curves you need.