Squash scale (corrected)

I’m using rhino 6 for Mac. Is there any way to scale an object in one direction while keeping the volume constant, so it deforms the other two dimensions automatically?
I remember 3d Max had something called “Squash” that did this.

All I have found on searches is mentions to do it in GH, but I’m not really versed in it, I think this should be a tool in Rhino?

I don’t know of a Rhino function which does this automatically, but it can be done using using ScaleNU, or Scale1D and Scale2D. Someone could write a macro or script to do so in one step.


Scale in one direction by the desired scale factor.

Corrected: Scale in the other two directions by the inverse of the square root of the scale factor used in the first step.


Gold nuggets of info like this is why I keep checking this forum day in day out. Thanks for the tip David!

@c11 @vcruzdesigns I realized I made a mistake in my post above. To maintain volume you need to scale in the second and third directions by the inverse of the square root of the first direction. The product of the scale factors in each direction needs to be 1.

Scale is factor first direction = 4
Scale factor second and third directions = 1 / square root (4) = 1/2

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This is great, thanks David, I will see if I can learn a bit about macros, otherwise if anyone does it please share! : )