Square pattern with variable arc and color

This is the 9x9 tiling pattern I need to create for class. In each square, the colored areas are kept together (all the top triangles, all the bottoms, etc.) and fade from top left to bottom right of the entire grid at different shades. How do I do this?

It explains how to do this on the left hand side of your image.

The original pattern and explanation I made using only Rhino. What I’m not sure about is how to translate it into Grasshopper.

DoingPeoplesHomeworkForThem.gh (9.0 KB)

This will start you off… The arcs aren’t quite right and it doesn’t do any shading but its a 9x9 grid with mirrored arcs in each grid cell.

Hopefully it will get you started and then you can read this paying attention to item 7. :slight_smile:

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