Square end into round end

How to make it into round ends?

bangle .3dm (4.8 MB)

Hi Serafina,

You might want to look into NetworkSurface and build your curve cage for it properly, and/or figure it out using your current scheme.

meanwhile, something 'quick ‘n dirty’ would be to make tweens from profiles and then loft them (you can also simplify/rebuild these tweens to affect the loft):

Thank you.

Another question, How can I make the edge smooth?

I have been working on this Bracelet for a long time. I tried different methods, like pipe, fillet… but cannot get a good result.

  1. make sure to join all pieces that must be connected

  2. run filletedge and enter a small value to test (as opposed to default value)

  3. select all edges (from joint surfaces) to be filleted

This is with a value of 0.2: