Spurious History Break Warnings

Hi Jim - no warnings here joining curves in this file - no objects with History either…


Hi Pascal,

Interesting. No there is no history on the curves, but there was some history on them–they were parent objects actually–previous to trying to join them all up, then these warnings start popping up at every operation, even though their children had been deleted.

Hi Jim - OK - thanks - I can repeat this - Explode a rectangle, and Extrude the lines with History, then delete the extrusions and join the lines… History break warning. I guess in the session, Rhino still knows abut the extrusions for Undo purposes, maybe that is what is triggering the warning.


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Would it be possible for effected dimensions to be marked in any way? Say with a dot or something?

One example is say that I dimension the height of a wall, and snap to the baseboard instead of the bottom of the wall. If i later delete or change that baseboard geometry, the height dimensions on all my drawings are going to shrink or just be wrong which can be very hard to spot on a sheet with 50 dimensions.

A perfect situation for me would be for the dimension to lose history but remain unchanged when the associated geometry is deleted, but be clearly marked so that I could find, and adjust them if needed.

Having the dimension shrink on its own can be a very big problem if I have that dimension on many different sheets to try and find. As things are now, I will most likely need to turn off dimension history to be safe, unless I’m working on something very simple.

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It does sound bad to have dimensions change on their own.
I don’t understand how that can happen though.
Can you explain that?
As far as I can see, when the object a dimension is snapped to is deleted, the dimension stays unchanged.

Hi, it mostly seems to happen when dimensioning between multiple items. Here’s an example with 2 boxes. If you delete one of them, the dimensions are changed and moved around to some arbitrary numbers which could go un-noticed in a large sheet of drawings.

temp.3dm (125.8 KB)

Ideally they would remain the same once losing the connection, but it would also be nice to have a way to visually see which dimensions have lost history on top of that so that I could verify that I dont need to manually update them to any changes later on…


Thanks. That’s a bug in the history update. I’ll fix it.

I would go as far as to delete the dimension. It is not safe enough, that it just looses its history. On arch. drawings only dimension values are what is binding for execution. Correct object geometry with an incorrect dimension number (even if the discrepancy is visible), will be built according to the incorrect dimension.

RH-40353 is fixed in the latest WIP