Spot Lights



Two questions.

  1. Is there a bug with spot lights? I added two spot light to shine against a wall and the light seems to go right through the wall.

  2. If I we’re download the Brazil demo, will all the materials and lighting work in Neon without a watermark or size limitation after the 15 day trial?

Same two spot lights. The light blasts through all objects at 50% power. My rendering program is set to Rhino Render but I also have Air, Flamingo NTX and Vray installed. Not sure if that matters any.

(Willem Derks) #2

Hi Billy,

First you might want to check what the shadow intensity the spotlight is set to:

Having this set to anything other than 100, will cause some light to bleed through objects, much like your renderings are showing.



Hi Willem,

Confirmed - The culprit is the shadow intensity settings. Anything less than 100 causes the light to bleed.

(Andrew le Bihan) #4

The answer to “2” is Yes.


Thank you for the support. I’ll download Brazil demo and see if I can push Neon more.