SPM Vector

hello community, I search incessibly for the plugin vector spm, I need, if someone knows where to download it? , Thank you

thanks, but I can not know how to install those files since they are not in .gha format but .cs, I do not have the slightest idea, I would appreciate it if you told me how … thanks

This may work ! Without garanty!!!
SPM.gha (147 KB)

But it seems to be still there, nobody knows Google !!! Strange world

There he get‘s to the link I posted :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand the remark. But for information the script is here on Grasshopper3d.com

And to be a more positive, searching with google something just on the site of grasshopper you have to use
site:www.grasshopper3d.com … and the keywords you want to add.

Ok I‘m blind. :smiley: sorry for that

Thanks , Tim and Laurent ,
I try to make this definition, but I think I use an old version of the SPM plugin, I can not finish it because it is not

Here you can find the same definition using updated version.

very grateful Kim, is what I was looking for, I study the definition to learn more about this plugin, greetings!