Splitting/meshing a beam element to connect to meshed shell, then combining back to one beam element for export to Revit

Is there a good way to split an element to mesh with the slab, size the member in groups (so each segment is the same member size), combine the element (essentially one beam element instead of a lot of small/meshed elements), and export the single elements to .ifc/Revit? We are using GeometryGym for most of our collaboration with Revit.

Hi @sreichwein , if I understand you correctly, you want to perform a cross section optimisation in Karamba with beam elements that are split in smaller segments. This is then sent to Revit, but you would like to have 1 straight line if they are the same cross section size, rather than the segmented lines.

If this is the case, then you can do a little bit of post processing after analyzing the model by using the Disassemble Model and then Disassemble Element. The Disassemble element component allows you to extract the cross sections for every beam element, as well as its axis, which you can group together according to their cross section. After grouping you can then join the curves and simplify the curves before sending it into Revit.