Splitting mesh for rope anchor effect

Hi so i was wondering how i go about splitting my mesh so that the internal divisions are considered closed edges, im trying to create these cushion like blobs in kangaroo with these rope like anchors, i thought the best way to do this would be by manipulating the length line component, but the current base anchors for the mesh are created by selecting the nakedPts, so when i split the mesh it cuts the blobs rather than creating this constraining rope like effect. not sure if this makes sense… hopefully… any help would be much appreciated!
Fabric cushion trial.gh (16.3 KB)

this is how i want the mesh to look^ but below is how it is right now (All open edges)

above shows the harsh divisions that are created, below shows a sketch of what im trying to achieve.

Cushion.gh (27.3 KB)

This is amazing! thank you so much! do you know if theres any way to maintain some of the fabric like folds/wrinkles.
image Kind of like this?