Splitting Complex Mesh with Plane

So here is the problem:
I want to split a mesh with a plane and then determine which part was previously connected to which.
Here is an image that illustrates what I want to do:

Does anyone have an idea about how to solve this?
The meshes could but aren’t likely to be more complex than this. They aren’t going to be this rectangular though, that’s just because I can’t draw well ^^

Edit: So one way of doing this would be (after doing splitDisjoinedPieces) to then again for each so created disjoined mesh part to check for mesh-plane-intersection and see if the returned polylines array is the same? I am not even sure about this.

Hi @Ivan1,

At the locations were the plane intersects the mesh, there will be some common geometry, such as points. You can use these points later to find corresponding locations on each mesh.

– Dale

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