Splitting Brep into seperate segments

Hi gang,

does anyone know why im not able to split my brep into segments here ?

240227_Split Facade.3dm (42.0 KB)
240227_Split Facade.gh (18.1 KB)

240227_Split Facade_RevA0.gh (11.6 KB)

Hi @Rajeev2 ,

thanks for getting back. It works beautifully on my end. Though i just have a question
Can i understand the rational behind the Flatten Tree and then Join Curve operations ?

The sequencing of the list seems to have changed after the curves have joined, with item 0 on the list starting from the middle of the array of curves.
Just keen to understand how/why tht happens

There are overlapping of curves and duplicates to remove it i just join curve to get the exact number of curve and create cutter to split

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Right… so the Join curves tool has a built-in function that will delete overlapping curves?
Not sure how but I assume that’s how it works. Thats interesting…

Thanks Rajeev. mate !