Splitting at intersection points/at points and Iterating through variations of arranging curves

Hi guys
I have two issues with my code.

After I shatter, I get curves of ALMOST the entire original length of the curve, like 1315.xxxx, 1314.yzzy etc. while the curve is 1315.yyyy, and it causes me to not be able to simply use an equalizer to cull these curves out. I also get curves at 0.xxxx, 0.yyyy, 0.zzzz, and I just basically want these extremes gone bc they aren’t the exact length of the segments I split at…?
For context, this was what I was running to split:
Split at the points. I just want it to work exactly like how it does in the Rhino environment :")

After this,
I want to be able to iterate these curves.

Here is a diagram to help.
I want to be able to iterate curves such that I can arrange them by slider of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…15,16, and pushing a slider will generate me a curve of 0,2,5,6,1,3,4,7,8,9,…14,16 in a very organized manner. So that I can get various curve profiles.

I have uploaded my docs.
thank you in advance :smiley:

track code.3dm (151.2 KB) track code.gh (16.0 KB)

I’m not clear on what you are trying to achieve. Your not simply trying to do this?

oh that worked perfectly! but also, i am trying to do something along the lines of being able to iterate through arranging the curves by number slider
eg: If a curve can be split with 4 components, ABCD,
then a curve can be arranged as

Although, I also am not sure where to start on it.

This discussion might be helpful to you:

Have been able to change everything and relatively code for the permutations code, but rn am stuck bc when i move the slider, nothing changes. basically, its supposed to be able to rearrange the split curves, and its not doing anything…
updated file: track code.gh (18.2 KB)

Still not so clear on what you are trying to do.

Like this?
track code_V2.gh (15.7 KB)

Oh, actually, I wanted the curves to be able to switch around. Like not just the numbers but the curves take the place of the numbers.

The curves are in the same order as the numbers. The numbers are simply displaying the curve order. So in the last screenshot the curve in item zero is the second from the left.

If you adjust the permutations slider, the order of the curves (as displayed by the numbers) changes.

Oh, but it doesn’t move the curves though, which is what I hoped for it to do, to move the curves in a script haha.

Maybe you can draw exactly what you are trying to achieve. I’m not really understanding.

I think I understand what you are looking for…hopefully.

Like this:
track code_V3.gh (18.9 KB)

ahhh this code finally works! i was trying to make a code like this but i got stuck at moving the curves bc they wouldn’t move to the new end but the old ends, if that makes any sense. this is perfect, thank you so much :smiley:

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