Splitting a non-planar surface with curves


I am attempting to panalize a non-planar filleted building, and then create equivalent windows based on the panels centerpoints. These windows are then meant to split the original surface and be subtracted. The windows wrap around the filleted corners and are causing issues.

The intent is to have both the windows and the subtracted surface remaining.

For whatever reason I cannot do this. Solid subtraction crashes when I attempt it (likely because there are 1154 panels) and I have tried countless other ways, including using the original brep, creating a single surface for the building (it is non-planar), a wireframe for each panel, joining the curves and pulling them to the original surface and attempting to split as well.
WindowsSubtraction.gh (19.4 KB)

Find attached the internalized script.

Thanks all

WindowsSubtraction Edited v1.gh (48.4 KB)