Splitting a jump ring

Hi, I am trying to create half a jump ring to attach to the back of a pendant, I have done a basic ring shape using the sweep 1 rail command, but when I go to split it in half, it says there are naked edges. I need to know how to split it so there are no naked edges. I have tried to trim it, split it, and use the cutting plane command but they don’t work. I know this is probably a really simple thing to do however I am have absolutely no idea how to do it. Please can somebody offer me some help? Thank You.

Hi Jill,
I’m not sure that I understand you correctly, but if you mean that after splitting you are left with naked edges, then use the cap planar command from the solids menu on the half you want to keep.
Rhino is a surface modeller, so when you split a solid you are left with an empty shell and have to create new surface(s) to close the void.


Hi Jeremy, that has done the trick, thank you for helping me out, its very much appreciated, and I can finally finish off all my work. All the Best, Jill

Torus May help too—Mark