Splitted edge bug

If an edge of a surface has been split, shearing some points will ‘merge’ this edge but also makes the surface have 2 identical edges. See attached file. The surface as a result also becomes a bad object.
shear-points-bug.3dm (75.2 KB)

edit: Just found that point editing on this surface will create the same behavior

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While waiting for a fix to this bug, I suggest to use “Untrim”. Looks like it will help to solve that strange behaviour.

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thanks. RebuildEdges also solves it, but Untrim sounds like a safer option.

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also you can use _ReplaceEdge to select the 2 edges and solve the bad object but you will need to split the edge again.

Hi Gijs - I see this, thanks. Still poking at it…


RH-54577 is fixed in the latest WIP