I have existing, linked buildings situated right next to each other, that have different zeroes and roomheights and am now trying to do a remodel project using visualarq. Is there a way to set up levels, so that i can deal with the splitlevels?

Hi @1idealist,
You can use the Level Manager for that purpose (vaLevels command). It lets you organize your project in different buildings and levels.
You can see in this video how it works: http://www.visualarq.com/info/features/work-with-buildings-and-levels/
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Even if in places the buildings are joined up, and more or less become one?

For example the groundfloor has over the years become one continous space
with several different heights. But the stories above adhere to the
historical structure. How would i deal with this situation?

You can use the Level Manager to setup levels at different elevations, even if they are in the same floor. Each level you create has its own construction plane, so it will help you to switch from one elevation to another when you work on the model. You can also have different buildings with levels that have the same elevation. This will just help you to know in which level/elevation you are working on, and when it comes to generate plan views.

How can I manage on a splitlevel the connection of the wall layers ?

Hi @simon12,

If you send the model to visualarq@asuni.com we will be able to tell you better which would be the best solution to solve this joint.