Split vertical surfaces with a curve

Hello everyone,

I am struggling with this excercise here…I am trying to split vertical surfaces with adjacent curves into tiles. But with this verison of the definition the vertical surfaces get divided irregularly and not what i want to achieve. See the screens.

When i use the same approach for horizontal surfaces split surface component seems to be working correctly. Only when i have vertical it doesnt. split vertical srf.gh (41.3 KB)

Can someone help me out with solving this?

split_vertical_srf_re.gh (74.5 KB)

Hi dowazura,

Thanks for replying. I tried the the Lunchbox panels component, but as you can see it creates an additional wall in between the three volumes that in the initial volume it is already cut out. I managed to work it out in a different way, by extruding segmented curve instead, which is not the optimal, but it works for my purpose.

Thanks for taking the time!