Split the list into two parts

help split the list into two parts. In one list there will be the tasks that are. Another list will be their absence

I think you question is not clear enough. could you explain in more detail what you would like to achieve?

There is a list in which 902 items. I want to divide this list into two lists, I managed to select one list with the operation “Flatten tree” in which there is data (there are 174 of them). other lines in which there is no given I do not know how to select

so you want a list with items which contain data and you want a seperate list with empty items?

Is this what you are looking for?

Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes, this is exactly what I am achieving

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does not work

you should flatten output A again, click right-mouse button on output A and select ‘flatten’. At least if that’s what you mean.
or try the method shown by @marteen.petrov

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