Split surface with cylinder

I have a lofted surface and I want it to be cut by a cylinder in a round piece.
I tried different ways but I can’t. Can someone please help me?

split srf 01.gh (21.2 KB)

Try Trim Solid (Trim)

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I tried but I can only have the outer part I don’t know why. Doesn t make sense.

Your corrugated surface is not a surface. I joined curves and used only one of two curves but Loft still produces a polysurface (“Open Brep”). I’d have to analyze your earlier code to find out why, which I didn’t do.

split srf_2022Oct5a.gh (22.5 KB)


Your need to fix your script, and use Split Brep

split srf 01.gh (21.3 KB)


Your definition has duplicate curves…

I would use a Linear Array to create the base curve and join the segments before moving it in Y direction. You could fit a degree 3 curve along the joined base curve and that way the result of the loft is an untrimmed surface.

split srf 01_mrtn.gh (31.6 KB)

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By the way, using hidden wires makes GH code very hard to read.

In my code, two shapes emerged from Split Brep. If you want only one of them (the center?), you have to choose it with List Item:

Thank you yes i selected only the center shape with a list but in shapediver the outer part still shows, i don t know why…