Split Surface generates holes misaligned from cutting curves

Hi All,

I am trying to split a surface with a curve. Although I believe both the curve and the surface to be planar, I begin by projecting the curve to ensure an intersection. However, once the split surface component is run, the final surface that is split has holes that are not aligned with the originally projected curves (as shown in the attached .gh file).

I’ve tried to mesh brep and bake the components to test if this is just a graphics error, but sure enough they are still misaligned. I have used the split surface function successfully in the past, but I can’t find where this one is generating the misalignment errors.

Split Surface Errors.gh (37.3 KB)

3 of your curves are non-planar though.


Thanks for pointing that out. However, I checked the surface and it is planar. I then drew a planar circle and it is also misaligned.

You might be having some problems because you’re using Patch instead of Boundary to create your surface. In fact, it seems to work this way.

Thanks, Pietro!

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