Split surface at the surface isocurves that define it (+Show Surface Isocurves)

If I bake a surface, Rhino shows me the IsoCurves that define the surface


How do I see these in Grasshopper and how do I Split the surface into panels using them instead of user defined UV coord?

I guess you’re looking for brepWireframe:

BrepWireframe.gh (8.4 KB)

Thank you for replying. Yes. I guess its called BREP WIREFRAME and not SURFACE ISOCURVES becuase it evaluates more than just surfaces.

Can you help me understand DENSITY… If I want just the ISOCURVES that define the surface I set this to unity?
increasing from there divides in u or v… or both?

It would be great to have a few more outputs on this module )

Is that a request for David Rutan? Is he the author of this incredible suite?

Hi -

This is just like the Isocurve Density setting in the Rhino Properties panel:

Normally Rhino takes the middle IsoCurves. Therefore you can also use this method for spliting your initial surface. However @Mahdiyar 's method is more straight forward.

IsoCurve trim.gh (45.9 KB)

Well yes, but if you explode a surface like the one pictured, you get a bunch of sub surfaces…

These are how Rhino has composited the surface from the curves. These are the divisions I need. As far as I can tell, there is no EXPLODE in Grasshopper so I have to SPLIT the surface with these curves. I am really just trying to get the minimum number of subsurfaces, which I assume is what a D input of 1 generates?

It turns out that these sub surfaces are geometrically easiest to fabricate since the math that created them obviously looked for the simplest form that produced the defined curvature. A large flat surface could be divided up in any number of ways, but this appears to be the most efficient for this purpose.

Sure there is -

The structure of the polysurface is a direct result of the input curves that were used.