Split sometimes makes groups

am working on one file where the split command ends up making groups of objects, litteraly groups and i have to later ungroup them, why does this happen?

There is no such command in default Rhino. Are you using a plug-in or a script perhaps?

the split! sorry

If the objects to split were grouped before the split, then they will be grouped after the split as well. Otherwise if you were referring to the Contour command when you said “Slice”, that has a command line option to group the output by contour plane. I think that is one of the only commands in Rhino that might produce a grouped output.


yeah, they were not grouped, that’s the crazy part, maybe before they were apart of some group but they are all ungrouped, it has happened before when the poly count is really high, usually with objects i have converted through tsplines which i must say is an awesome awesome awesome plugin

I think you will find the fault is with t-splines. I also have problems with t-Splines when I convert multiple items at the same time to nurbs. Mainly with directions but sometimes with grouping as well.

Like you I also love t-splines very much despite its short comings.

maybe its tsplines but until rhino has something native i think nothing beats tsplines, without tsplines i dont think most of my work in rhino would even be possible

I am the same @mitviz. I think I could still do the work but it would take much longer. I used Clayoo prior to t_splines and that well and truly prepared me for a few glitches in software.

I am guessing I will not be able to go to RH6 if it no longer supports t-splines…the release of RH6 might also be about the time that they officially drop development of t-splines for Rhino :frowning: