Split solid problems

Hello. I’m having problems with the Split Solid component. In a definition I´m working on I do not get to solve all the intersections and I do not see where the problem is. I need to split a hexagonal 3d grid with another geometry, as you can see in the image. I tried to bake the geometries and make the boolean operation in Rhino and it does not work either. Can anyone help?

Is your split component split brep multiple?

Also make sure that there is one brep per branch on the B input, and all the cutters for that brep per branch on the C input.

Would be easier for everyone if you provide your file with internalized geometries :slight_smile:

Thanks Antoine. I tried with both components split brep and split berep multiple. I also tried with trim solid and solid difference. The data structure of both geometries is the same. I will be glad to share the files but I do not know how :upside_down_face: . How can I share the files?

Intersection issue.3dm (2.5 MB)
Intersection issue.gh (29.7 KB)

You will find the files attached bellow!!

For next time !

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File takes too long to open, I need to keep working :upside_down_face:
Reduce the grid count to 2 by 3, and internalise the geometries… I could have another look !

I would do this slightly different.

Instead of creating curves and extrusions in every cell of your grid, I’d create the hexagons and capped extrusions in a single grid at the origin and then use Orient to orient the objects in the full grid.

The processing time can be reduced if the split or intersection component is only fed with the breps that actually touch each other like this:

Below is an updated version where only one selected branch is processed.

intersection_mrtn.gh (1.6 MB)

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Thanks Martin. Looks good. I will try it. Did you figure out why the split works only in some cases?

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“Why?” questions can be much more difficult to answer than “How?”.

Sorry, but I did not try to make your split work. I’d assume it has to do with the tree structure of the inputs.