Split problems again? What am I doing wrong?

Trying to split this wall with the curve. Will not split. This was a Sketchup import. I then created a box new and tried to split it. No go. What am I doing wrong.

SplitFail.3dm (116.4 KB)

It works when done from the Front view, for what it’s worth.

yeah… there is no plane on a line, so no inherent projection direction, and the Top CPlane is not helping in this case. Setting a Front CPlane as @markleichliter mentions, is the way out, or use the Front view.


That is a lot of clicks. So I cannot draw a line across an object in any view and use it to split the object?

Hello - as mentioned above, if the line can be projected normal to the current CPlane, i.e. Front in this example, it should work.