Split one list starting by a letter into two list


I have already post some question about the same project and I’am trying to getting to harder work step by step.
I have already being able to pick curves and give them a diameter from there attribute.

but now, I’would like to be able to split all my curves into 2 (or more) groups using there starting letter.
the one staring with a D will be turned into a tube, the one starting by a H will be turned into a H profile using a sweep on rail method…

I have been trying during a long time but finally can’t go really further them what I’have done here :
Diam-tube-04.gh (11.3 KB)
A341_ET_Souche.3dm (7.1 MB)


See attached.

You will need to put your profile on Layer “Profile”. (currently on 86_Arc !!)

Your next issue is Profile Alignment. You can feed a plane into the orient Axis or Plane in the Extrude Along component. This is typically done in the Axis by Perp Frame then align that to a direction, which is possible in a multitude of ways.

You may want to make a clean file with no plugins of your issue if you want forum help in this regard.

Diam-tube-04_RE.gh (13.3 KB)