Split number into Domain

thought I saw a component that does this ?


thnx Michael.
yeah, thought I saw a 3rd party component that does it in one go
(guess you can cluster it)

If you want 3rd party I have a component in Pufferfish called “Two Way Domain” You would just input the value “3” and the output would be a domain ranging from “-3 to 3”.

that’s prob it !
you have all the cool tools :wink:
just curious, Pufferfish last update was '16. are you working on new components or it’s pretty much complete ? great plugin regardless !

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The latest update was January 16th, 2020. Not so long ago :smiley:

I must be dyslexic ! read the dates backwards :sweat_smile:

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In Sweden we write dates the correct (and only correct) way, like so:

Today = 2020-04-16

Can be sorted also as plain text.

// Rolf


Heteroptera have this

that’s it! where I come from, also written that way :grinning:

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nice ! thnx @seghierkhaled
I do have it, just haven’t installed it on my laptop

Use the expression “-x/2” on the ‘A’ input and “x/2” on the ‘B’ input of Dom (Construct Domain):

split_domain_2020Apr16a.gh (3.1 KB)


clever solution ! thnx @Joseph_Oster
this just goes to show you how versatile GH is
& how users think/solve :face_with_monocle:

Just make sure you don’t switch to “Draw Full Names” or that will FUBAR.

Not true.

split_domain_2020Apr16b.gh (4.5 KB)

I’ve been using this technique for years, it’s a very common requirement.

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Ah they must have fixed it then at some point. Good to know. It still messes up expressions from Expression Editor and Evaluate Expression.




I was able to reproduce the unexpected behavior here, if you enter with full names displayed, then there is an error that clears after you click to edit expression, then all is well after that

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i date tag my logs as such but it can be nightmare when you have to link up 3-4 different date systems to match data ranges. it’s not a given…

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The Wombat plug-in has a “centered domain” function as well.

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And we could reparametrize but dates are not a reparametrize option (unless broken down painfully) right?