Split multi curves

Still there. I am bashing my head over this for 3 days now.

Hi @davidsmavrov,

I am not sure I am able to fully understand what you are aiming here and what is the issue with “extra points”, since I have checked the @HS_Kim definition and it is exactly what I would do, I just added some more components and there are no “extra points” also the data tree is in order and it seems to be working fine (but as I’ve mentioned above, maybe I just don’t understand your issue).

Anyhow, see the attached gh file, maybe that helps.


Split Multi Curves_reLina.gh (99.1 KB)

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Seems close, but now all the links are dubplicated. It is because you divide the surface with the lines and they create overwaping edges.

Yes, if we manage to delete the duplicating lines this is perfect solution to the problem.

Yep! Got that too. Thank you guys! Amazing job!

Check this as well…

Split Multi Curves_reV6.gh (97.8 KB)

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Now it is better and it works perfect!!! Epic!

Split Multi Curves_reV6.gh (96.6 KB)